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The Story of Cashmio

Once upon a time, in 2015 to be more precise, two enthusiastic entrepreneurs had an idea. They felt that the huge and wide universe of the internet needed a new place to have fun. This place would bring together people from different countries, different genders, different ages and personalities. After all, all of us want to be happy and have fun.

That was the beginning of Cashmio casino.

It takes time to turn a great idea into reality. So these Finnish-Swedish entrepreneurs combined all the experience they had: from working as casino support agents to being affiliate managers and independent affiliates. They brought in their passion for creating thrilling gaming experiences. They designed a world of missions, races and bonuses to keep everyone entertained. Of course, they had a lot of fun in the process too.

In May 2016, Cashmio welcomed its first customers and since then, creating happiness for players has been Cashmio’s greatest concern. The company has also grown into a close-knit international workplace where employers have fun while making Cashmio even better.

To sum it all up, Cashmio continues to live happily ever after.

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